Implications of Literature
    Ninth Grade: Explorer Level
    Tenth Grade: Navigator Level
    Eleventh Grade: Pioneer Level
    Twelfth Grade: Trailblazer Level

Testing Materials
    Ninth Grade: Explorer Level
    Tenth Grade: Navigator Level
    Eleventh Grade: Pioneer Level
    Twelfth Grade: Trailblazer Level

Short Story Texts
Implications of the Short Story
    Ninth-Tenth Grade: Pathfinder Edition
    Eleventh-Twelfth Grade: Vanguard Edition

Implications of the Novel
    The Call of the Wild,
    by Jack London

Grammar Workbooks
     Constructing the House of Language
Suitable for grades 9-12

    Julius Caesar, the TextWord Edition
    The World of Shakespeare, a guide to reading Shakespeare's works (included in Implications of Literature, Explorer Level)
    Macbeth, (included in Implications of Literature, Trailblazer Level)

Curriculum Aids
    Scope and Implementation
    Curriculum Development Guide
    Comprehensive Index, Implications of Literature, Explorer Level
    Comprehensive Index, Implications of Literature, Navigator Level
    Comprehensive Index, Implications of Literature, Pioneer Level
    Comprehensive Index, Implications of Literature, Trailblazer Level

TextWord Press has published four literature/language arts anthologies: Ninth Grade: Explorer Level, Tenth Grade: Navigator Level, Eleventh Grade: Pioneer Level, and Twelfth Grade: Trailblazer Level. Each anthology contains more than 880 pages; each offers a language arts curriculum that integrates the best of world literature with high-level, solidly-based comprehension, writing, communication, and critical and analytical thinking skills.

The literature in our four-year IMPLICATIONS OF LITERATURE series addresses the diversity of the human experience. Students will feel the joy of lyrical poets, the dignity of essayists, and the courage of those determined not to succumb to oppression. They will learn to make reasoned judgments, analyze the actions and reactions of the characters met within these pages, and decide for themselves how they would have responded to similar crises. We believe that exposure to the IMPLICATIONS OF LITERATURE series will not only foster the acquisition of competent language arts skills, but will also encourage students to think responsibly about the impact of the past on the present and the future.


All TextWord literature series feature curriculum aids that add power to every lesson.

  • Every selection in each anthology contains a Before You Read page that supplies a short biography of the author and provides a brief literary overview.
  • Strategically-placed Sidebars, positioned throughout the texts, reinforce comprehension, stimulate thought processes, and help students zero in on significant concepts.
  • CheckQuizzes follow each selection and are designed to ensure that the basic text has been understood and remembered.
  • Literary Critique questions follow each selection and sharpen critical and analytical thinking skills, helping students to develop balanced opinions and arrive at sound judgments.
  • Thought-provoking Writing Workshops and sensitivity-raising Reader-Response Journals provide students with invaluable assistance in all areas of written communication, including literary analysis. A wide variety of writing tasks expands students’ skills and helps them relate literary experiences to life.
  • Helpful Definition segments at the foot of relevant pages help students understand archaic or infrequently-used words, and unusual word usage.
  • Vocabulary Workshop exercises build vocabulary skills through in-context study of new and difficult words in the texts. All words used in the Vocabulary Workshops are listed in the Glossary together with their definitions, syllabifications, and diacritical marks.
  • Handbooks at the close of each anthology serve as important language-arts supplements. The handbooks provide additional important information and offer applications and exercises in the areas of grammar, vocabulary, writing skills, and the use of literary terms. They round out a comprehensive literature/language arts curriculum.
  • Our own Regents Review Handbooks, created exclusively by the editors at TextWord Press, offer students additional opportunities to prepare for the New York State Regents Examination or for any other national proficiency examination. Each anthology contains two new, complete sample Regents examinations. These sample examinations provide an excellent practice format.
  • Novels, dramas, novellas, novels, and short stories in all our series are enhanced and supplemented by For Your Information, A Closer Look, and Historical Highlights entries that add immeasurably to students’ background knowledge.
  • Teacher's Note and Motivational Material guide presentation of the selections and provide a springboard for classroom discussion.

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