Implications of Literature
    Ninth Grade: Explorer Level
    Tenth Grade: Navigator Level
    Eleventh Grade: Pioneer Level
    Twelfth Grade: Trailblazer Level

Testing Materials
    Ninth Grade: Explorer Level
    Tenth Grade: Navigator Level
    Eleventh Grade: Pioneer Level
    Twelfth Grade: Trailblazer Level

Short Story Texts
Implications of the Short Story
    Ninth-Tenth Grade: Pathfinder Edition
    Eleventh-Twelfth Grade: Vanguard Edition

Implications of the Novel
    The Call of the Wild,
    by Jack London

Grammar Workbooks
     Constructing the House of Language
Suitable for grades 9-12

    Julius Caesar, the TextWord Edition
    The World of Shakespeare, a guide to reading Shakespeare's works (included in Implications of Literature, Explorer Level)
    Macbeth, (included in Implications of Literature, Trailblazer Level)

Curriculum Aids
    Scope and Implementation
    Curriculum Development Guide
    Comprehensive Index, Implications of Literature, Explorer Level
    Comprehensive Index, Implications of Literature, Navigator Level
    Comprehensive Index, Implications of Literature, Pioneer Level
    Comprehensive Index, Implications of Literature, Trailblazer Level

The TextWord Edition of William Shakespeare's

NYSTL Approved
181 pages / Softcover

The student-friendly TextWord edition of Shakespeare's classic play of ambition and revenge precludes the need for any supplementary study guides. The unique TextWord format enables students to read the original text easily and to derive great pleasure from their newly found ability to understand Shakespeare’s language. Students who conscientiously follow the TextWord format will be well equipped to deal with any literary or language challenges they may face in the future. They will have learned how to crack the code of language and they will then be able to apply this skill to their future studies.
Our format includes unique, graphically attractive features that serve as learning tools.

  • Sidebars focus students' attention
  • FYI modules provide fascinating data
  • In Other Words segments "translate" Shakespearean language into modern, easy to-read English
  • Helpful Definitions aid in comprehension
  • Stagecraft and Language Arts inserts enhance appreciation of staging and language
  • CheckQuizzes and Literary Critique questions follow every scene
  • Writing and Journal Workshops provided throughout the text
  • Do You Remember? quizzes aid student recall
  • Shakespeare's Usage and Vocabulary segments increase comprehension
  • Teacher's Manual presents answers to all questions posed in the Student Edition, and includes supplementary material for further enrichment.
  • Reproducible Quizzes and a Comprehensive Examination in the Teacher's Manual provide additional testing materials not found in the Student Edition

Click to view and/or download sample pages of TextWord Format, the Student's Edition and Teacher's Manual. (These files are in PDF format which require a PDF viewer such as Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™ version 4.0 and higher.)

Student's Edition:
     NYC DoE:
Teacher's Edition:
ISBN 1-930592-25-6
ISBN 1-930592-25-5
ISBN 1-930592-26-4

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