Implications of Literature
    Ninth Grade: Explorer Level
    Tenth Grade: Navigator Level
    Eleventh Grade: Pioneer Level
    Twelfth Grade: Trailblazer Level

Testing Materials
    Ninth Grade: Explorer Level
    Tenth Grade: Navigator Level
    Eleventh Grade: Pioneer Level
    Twelfth Grade: Trailblazer Level

Short Story Texts
Implications of the Short Story
    Ninth-Tenth Grade: Pathfinder Edition
    Eleventh-Twelfth Grade: Vanguard Edition

Implications of the Novel
    The Call of the Wild,
    by Jack London

Grammar Workbooks
     Constructing the House of Language
Suitable for grades 9-12

    Julius Caesar, the TextWord Edition
    The World of Shakespeare, a guide to reading Shakespeare's works (included in Implications of Literature, Explorer Level)
    Macbeth, (included in Implications of Literature, Trailblazer Level)

Curriculum Aids
    Scope and Implementation
    Curriculum Development Guide
    Comprehensive Index, Implications of Literature, Explorer Level
    Comprehensive Index, Implications of Literature, Navigator Level
    Comprehensive Index, Implications of Literature, Pioneer Level
    Comprehensive Index, Implications of Literature, Trailblazer Level

Implications of Literature

Suitable for 12th Grade
NYSTL Approved

1134 pages

The Trailblazer Level focuses exclusively on English literature and the development of the English literary tradition. The literature in this textbook mirrors 1500 years of human endeavor and enables students to gain an understanding of the movements and philosophies that have shaped society since 449. The 90+ literary selections featured in Trailblazer include novellas, short stories, novel excerpts, two full-length dramas, essays, epic poetry, ballads, sonnets, elegies, odes, and lyrical poetry. William Shakespeare's Macbeth is presented in the unique TextWord Shakespeare format that enhances students' critical and analytical thinking abilities. Handbooks at the conclusion of the text reinforce writing and language-arts skills .

Click to view and/or download TextWord Format, Index, Table of Contents and pages in the Teacher’s Edition from The Anglo-Saxon Period, The Medieval Period, The Elizabethan Age, Shakespearean Drama, The Age of Reason, The Romantic Era, The Victorian Era, and The Twentieth Century, as well as a sample from our Test Bank CD (These files are in PDF format which require a PDF viewer such as Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™ version 4.0 and higher.)

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